ESB series brakes
ESB series brakes
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1.The insuration level of our standard coil is E class (120°C).
2.The initial braking torque on delivery is 50~60% of the rated value and it increases after preperatory operations.
3.Standard shaft direction. is horizontal. Please refer to us for vertical use.
Major Dimensions

# Shows special type with different shape from the fig. Bellow.
Please refer us about the dimensions not shown above.  

Special Specification
We have special products as followings. Please refer us on your introduction.
・ Special input voltage      :     Except 200V AC.
・ Low noise type :     Applicable for model 135~250. Mark K.
・ Stronger type  :     Applicable for model 100~250. Mark V.
・ Manual release handle attached  :     model 100~165. Mark L./190~250. Mark H.
・ Low noise type        :     Applicable for model 190~250. Mark N.
・ Low temperature rise coil   :     Applicable for model 135~250. Mark D.
・ Adjustable torque type  :     Applicable for model 100~250. Mark T.
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