About Us

"Agents, Distributors & Stockist"

K Seng Spare Parts & Trading was established on 1989, specialising in supplies and distribution of Machinery's & Industrial's Spare Parts. We are the Sole Agent of Sinfonia (formerly “SHINKO”) and "OSAKI" Brand and carry a wide range of different Products and Stockists including Mitsubishi, Lenze, Suntes, KEB, Yaskawa, Sumitomo, Tsubaki, Fotek, Sick, Peacock, Datalogic & etc.

Our Ultimate aim is to ensure that all our customers receive a fulfilling experience at K Seng Spare Parts & Trading. 

Our proven expertise, after sales service and competitive pricing has positioned us to be the leaders in the Asia's industry.If you have any queries, feel free to inform us and we will try our best to solve and work it out for you.

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  • Electromagnetic Clutch & Brakes​
    Variation of Clutches & Brakes
  • Servo Motors
    BeBop C/D Type
  • Servo-Actuators
    HD Linear Motor & Motor
  • Part Feeders
    EA/ ER Series
  • Vibrating Equipment
    Rubber Spring Vibrating Feeder

  • Servo Motors

Japan & Germany Products:

• ‘SINFONIA’ (formerly ‘SHINKO’)

Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes, AC Servo Motors & AC Servo Driver, Vibrating Motors, Vibrators, Small DC Motors, Part Feeders and Servo Actuators etc.


Pioneer Clutches & Brakes, High Reversible Clutches, Spring Brakes & etc..


Centrifugal Clutches & Brakes, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Disc Brake, Clampers, Air Hydraulic Booster, Brake Pad & Piping Parts & etc.


Electromagnetic Powder Clutches & Brakes, Tension Controllers, Gear Motors, Superline Motors, AC Inverters & etc.

• ‘KEB’

COMBIBOX Clutches & Brakes, COMBINORM Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes, Permanent Clutches and Brakes, Rectifiers & etc


Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes Units, Spring Brakes, AC Servo Motors & Controllers, DC Motors & DC Controllers, Disco Variable Speed Drives, AC Frequency Inverters


Web Guide Systems (EPC), Edge Position Controllers & etc


Air Clutches and Air Brakes & etc


Frequency Inverters & Servo Motors & etc


Cyclo Drive Motors, AC Inverters, Beier Cyclo Variators, Hyponic Motors & etc


Hydraulic Pumps & Valves & etc


Geared Motors & Stock Gears & etc


Clutches & Brakes Units & etc


Clutch & Brake Units, Couplings & Motors & etc

Japan & Germany Products:


Dial Thickness Gauges, Digital Indicators & etc


NITOFLON Adhesive Tapes & etc


Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes Units, Spring Brakes, Rectifiers & etc


Digital Stroboscope, Tachometer


Potentiometer, Geared Motors & etc


Clutches, Brakes & etc

• ‘SKK’

Geared Motors & Reducers & etc


Analog Sensors TL 10 Series & etc

• ‘SICK’

Sensors NT 6 & KT 5 Series & etc

• ‘SAKAI’s’

Variable Speed Changers, Grip-V-Belt & etc


Cam Clutches, AC Geared Motors, Torque Limiters & etc

Taiwan Products:


Magnetic Clutches & Brakes


Magnetic Power Clutches & Brakes


Digital Counters, Proximity Sensors, Temperature Controllers, Heat Sink,


Parts for NCB-500 & 650 used, Parts for NGB machine used, Conveyor Belt for Side Seal Machine Used


Temperature Controllers